One story, one truth

The Necklace is written by French world-famous novelist Maupassant. It tells the story of Madame Mathilde Loisel and her husband, a low paid clerk. In order to show off his beauty in a party, Mathilde borrowed a replica amulette de cartier necklace from her friend, Madame Jeanne Forestier. Unfortunately, she lost it on the way home. Helplessly, she borrowed money to buy a new piece of exactly alike diamond one that worth 36,000 Francs for her friend. Throughout almost ten years, she led a thrifty and tough life, working painfully so as to pay for the debt only to realize it was an imitation, worth 500 Francs at the most.

Necklace is the theme of the story. Through borrowing necklace, losing necklace and returning necklace , the main heroine Mathilde’ s inner activities are fully exposed to readers. A large number of critics and readers condemn her as a vain and selfish woman whose moral is corrupted. However, from my perspective, she is just an innocent, kind and normal girl who pursues for beauty, happiness and wealth in a wrong way.

It is human nature to aspire for beauty, happiness and wealth and envy from others, especially for Mathilde who is still a charming woman. There is no denying the fact that she is blinded by vanity and illusion so that she suffers her whole life to pay for the debt. Nevertheless, we should also praise for her honesty, independency and brave. After losing the diamond, instead of holding back the truth and getting away , she bravely accept the cruel reality , borrowing money to buy a new one for returning and working painstakingly to pay for the high debt. Totally ten years, she chooses to silently make up for her accidental mistake.

Pitifully, she is just a poor lower class people who desperately strive for a happy life but in vain. There is nothing to be blame for her moral standard, she just commit a common mistake that everyone maybe make, but she handle it unwisely.

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