Jewelry also has the soul

I used to be a beautiful platinum fake Van cleef and arpels jewely, my first master saw me in the jewelers, she was absolutely ecstatic, and took me away. When she saw me her eyes filled with love, I’m glad I finally met a person who real like me. So I took joy mood move to she was ready for my “new house” – a beautiful jewel box.

At the beginning, she wore me every day with clothes carefully to see her beloved person. Over a period of time she is not so frequent wear me. One day, I saw her wearing a new ring back face full of happyness. Later I know that her lover proposed to her, and she agreed. I sincerely happy for her. However, from then on, she does not wear me, In place of me is the ring.

In the end she finally forget me, I was in a Van cleef & arpels clover necklace replica box that had a very, very long time, I do not know the specifics of a few years. Then one day I felt a strong light, only to find out I was took out from jewelry box by a child. Next to a mature woman remains charming smiles to the children: “Do you really like this bracelet?  Ok! it is yours. Not you turn it over and I forget it.”

So I have a second master. But this little master only take me was a toy, and soon she took me aside up. So I stayed in the corner of the room for some time. I have a very old this time, so they did not notice when sweeping directly swept into the garbage. So I become worn and old.

A heavy rain wash me very clean, this time a girl came next. She picked me, carefully holding: “such a beautiful bracelet, who brought you lose?” So she took me home. I have a third owner. But the owner does not wear me, she just put replica bvlgari jewelry or replica dior sunglasses on her desk, when tired look at me. I think this days is very quiet, very good!

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Happy New Year 2017 from Dealnow

I can’t wait to cry, “A brand-new year is coming. Let’s embrace it with good wishes. Happy New Year to all of you!”

Undoubtedly, the year of 2017 is around the corner. On this special occasion, I would like to send my sincere greetings on the arrival of the New Year and extend to you all my best wishes for your happy life, perfect health and lasting prosperity. May the New Year bring good luck and rich blessings to you and to those that you love deeply. May the joy and happiness around you all year round and always.

Throughout the year of 2016, we achieved a lot and also developed a lot. Before turning a new leaf in our life, there are many people that we should express our sincere thanks. We should thank our partner for his or her considerate caring; we should thank our families for their consistent support; we should thank our friends for their kindly help; we should thank our teammates for their consistent cooperation. Thank for everything that god gives for us. focus on top quality replica van cleef and arpels jewelry, fake cartier jewelry and hermes jewelry knockoffs at Prices You Can Afford, Fastest Free shipping Worldwide!

May my sincere greetings reach to you; may you healthy and happy; may you become better and better. Happy New Year!